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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tea Party Promises Exactly What I Hoped: Dem Wins!

Teabaggers, 9-12ers, tricorner hatters, whatever the heck we're supposed to call this seething mass of predictable socialism criers, keep doing what you're doing. If you do, we'll see more Democrats win in November.

Case in point: the Arizona U.S. Senate race. Four-term Senator John McCain, is forsaking his maverickiness to cling to his seat. He holds an 11-point lead over talk-show challenger J.D. Hayworth (that's PPP's read; an Arizona outfit finds McCain with a 26-point lead). McCain's approval numbers in his own state are worse than President Obama's numbers nationwide. What's saving McCain so far? Hayworth's favorable ratings are worse. Plus, while Hayworth leads among conservatives, McCain leads overwhelmingly among moderates.

McCain also polls strongly against the Democratic challenger Rodney Glassman. But if the Teabaggers can push Hayworth over the top in the primary, Glassman has his best shot of winning in November.

Unseat a four-term senator, depose the most recent GOP presidential nominee... and replace him with a Democrat. Maybe all this conservative foment really is astroturf... secretly funded by socialists! Ah, if only we liberals were that tricky... and that rich!


  1. What have you been smokin? You're having hallucinations, Cory. Dillusional doesn't become you. Don't be jumping the gun. The medicinal marijuana bill doesn't get voted on until November. ;^)

  2. He and his state are in a heap of trouble. You might be right, Cory. If McCain keeps moving to the right to win the primary, he just might drop off a cliff and not be able to make it back to the middle.

    It's probably fair to say there will be a pretty strong Dem GOTV effort in Arizona this year, don't you suppose?

    A lot of people voting for the first time. A lot of people who aren't especially fond of the latest McCain incarnation. It could happen.

    Or as they might say, "¡Si se puede!"

    I wonder what kind of odds GoldMan will give us here?

    Could be interesting. We could make some bank.

  3. Cory, If things start going south for the GOP now, you may have just written an outline for a Glenn Beck episode. :' )

    It is certainly interesting, but in all probability the tea party will be infinity less effectual in the process, than the historic prevalence for the party in power to lose ground in the mid-term will be.


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