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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Third Place Nights Opens April 21 at BrickHouse

The Madison Area Arts Council announces date and time for its first Third Place Nights event. Wednesday, April 21, 7–9 p.m., Lake County's creative types will gather at the newly named BrickHouse to paint, sculpt, knit, write, philosophize, and engage in other creative activities.

I'll admit, I tried painting in front of an audience once at Art in the Park. It didn't go well. My creative processes generally require seclusion, an absence of distraction.

But in that setting, I was surrounded mostly by spectators, not fellow creators. Surrounded by a roomful of artists gathered for the same purpose, painters and writers can inspire each other, share and reinforce the creative vibe.

We'll test that out Wednesday, April 21. Come on down, set up your easel, and have at it!

1 comment:

  1. Third Place Nights will absolutely blow your creative minds, well, at least encourage everyone to be creative in their own respective fields of interest.

    Anyhow, everyone and anyone is welcomed, even non-creative types, you might surprise yourselves, and find this hidden creative talent and desire to change the world, or at least the local arts world.

    Overall, it's a melting pot of creation, happening, live and lively, so save the date, third wednesdays of the third week each month, and we'll see you there!

    Dig the links Cory, they work wonders!

    Chris Francis,President,Madison Area Arts Council


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