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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tim Johnson Shows Leadership, Tells South Dakota He's Proud of Health Reform

Meanwhile, Senator Tim Johnson shows some Democratic leadership by standing up in the middle of red-state South Dakota and declaring health insurance reform is good!

Americans have been waiting for generations to see common sense changes made in our country’s health care delivery system.

Now that Congress has passed health care reform and President Obama has signed the legislation into law, reforms that had only been talked about for decades are now being put in place. As this bill is implemented, South Dakotans will not have to wait long to see the immediate benefits of this bill [Senator Tim Johnson, "SD will see benefits of health reform soon," Pierre Capital Journal, 2010.04.06].

It takes more than some politically impotent protestors and posing propagandists to drive Senator Johnson away from the facts on health insurance reform:

Unfortunately, those against health care reform have tried to scare seniors and families about the impacts of this bill. Some have gone so far as to say these reforms should be overturned. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to reopen the donut hole and charge seniors more for their prescriptions, once again allow insurers to drop you from your plan because of a preexisting illness, or banish kids from their parent’s policy.

After all, this bill actually reduces the national debt by $143 billion dollars over the first decade alone.

As for me, passage of health reform was one of the proudest moments in my 31 years in elective office [Johnson, 2010].

One of the proudest moments... that's the kind of leadership we need to hear from South Dakota Democrats. Health insurance reform is good for South Dakota and good for America. It saves money, improves health care, and expands our liberty. Thank you, Senator Johnson, for not being afraid to say so.


  1. Liberty is not expanded by this bill, it is denied. Look at the law prohibiting any new physician owned clinics.

  2. Mr Wasson . Please post a link to the law, so that we can take a look at it. Thank you!

  3. I just did a search "health care reform physician owned" and skimmed a few articles claiming what Thad Wasson just stated. Most were lobbyist language from Molly Sandvig and offered no logic as to why the new law would adversely affect those facilities. And none of the articles used the word prohibit. Smoke and BS is what I read and I'm not believing it.

  4. Thad Wasson is referring to:


    For the full bill for your own review go to:


    Thad Wasson is just parroting stupid talking points he has heard or read rather than going to the bill itself.

    If you read this section of the bill, it implements reporting requirements for physicians that have ownership stakes in clinics/hospitals/etc. This section was included to prevent fraud by unnecessary referral. It doesn't limit ownership, it just requires the physicians to report that they have the stakes!

    Quit listening and start reading Thad!

  5. Preventing fraud by unnecessary referral is one of the acts placed in this law, but also restricts adding new beds, operating tables and increasing a physician's ownership stake. There is a total ban on any new physician owned clinics.

    This addition restricts a man's ability to use his talents to increase his earning potential. This bill could have passed without these restrictions.

  6. Mr Wasson . Again please indicate the section of the law that you are making reference to. I am just not finding This ban on physician owned clinics. Thanks

  7. Thad-

    Point to the section and line number of the bill that proves your point. I have provided you a link to the actual text of the bill. I see no section that indicates your assertions are correct.

  8. Thad, if you don't know the actual part of the bill, no problem, then tell us where you hear it. What is the credible source? Or is this just want you want to believe??? Being logical doesn't stroke the fires, but it's much appreciated.

  9. H.R. 4872 section 1106 deals with banning physician owned clinics.

  10. Looks to me the only thing getting limited is a physicians ability to commit insurance fraud.

  11. Thad-

    Here is the text from that section:


    HR4872 is the reconciliation so is just changes to the original HR3200 text which I previously linked to.

    Point to the specific line in the text that limits ownership. I don't see anything that would limit physician ownership. Give me line number.

  12. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/Five-things-we-learned-about-Obamacare-after-it-passed-90029262.html

    Pay particular close attention to #2 and tell me how this will cut the deficet over 100 billion dollars

    Tim Higgins

  13. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/04/06/gop-senator-health-care-law-permit-sex-offenders-viagra/

    Another benny from obama care

    Tim Higgins

  14. Tim-

    Point to the section of the bill validates either of those two articles you linked. Your first article is an opinion article that doesn't provide citations.

    Your second article basically says that the bill didn't include enough new regulation--which you're against, right? Private insurance right now will provide ED meds. The bill doesn't change that. Are you saying that we should be further regulating the market place?


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