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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Web Matters: All Three Lake County Auditor Candidates Online

You know the Internet has arrived as the new normal when all three candidates for Lake County Auditor have campaign websites. Shelli Gust, Nicole Schlueter, and now Bobbi Janke: all online. I hope this is a sign that, whoever wins the popular blessing to assume the reins from Kay Schmidt at the end of the year, the new County Auditor will prioritize making the Lake County website useful for all residents.

On that account, which candidate's website shows the most promise? Take a look at the three campaign sites, then come vote in the latest Madville Times poll: Which Lake County Auditor candidate has the best website? Notice that I'm not asking which candidate is best for the job... although one could argue that in a local race like this, skill in providing information online may be as valid a criterion for distinguishing candidates as anything else.

Information, design, potential for interaction... all fair game! Cast you vote in the poll in the right sidebar, then leave your comments here. Voting ends Friday night, so click now!

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