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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogging as Invitation to Participate: My Five Minutes' Worth

Why do I like blogging so much? Because it gave me a great topic for the first Ignite talk in South Dakota!

Cory Allen Heidelberger, Ignite SD #1, Brookings, SD, April 21, 2010 (from Ignite SD on Vimeo).


  1. Cory I Ditto Bill.
    They must have gave points for enthusiasm.

  2. Can I steal "Brain Twinkie"?

    My message to Heidepriem staff last night at our Vermillion event: You're excited because you were the first candidate on TV? Who watches TV? Start talking to the bloggers!

  3. "Brain Twinkie"—have at it!

    TV? What's that? I agree: I find the press releases from all the campaigns about their wonderful TV ads to be not news. Don't just talk to the bloggers; be the bloggers! Use the Web to speak directly to the people and to let them speak directly to you.

  4. Actually, the astute SD blog reader reader will recall that the current "Elephant in the Room" Heide TV was indeed previewed on SDWC a few weeks before it started running on the BoobTube.

    I have a feeling there are some GOP'ers who just might be putting that together right about now.

    TV still has the "big numbers" when it comes to recruiting the average voter, sorry to say.

  5. Bill--

    I'd be interested to know what the "bang for buck" ratio is between TV ads and blogs (and Facebook--let's not forget 31.1% of our state's population is on board).


    Yes, I agree that they ought to be blogging for themselves, but a candidate making a convincing argument to an established blogger who then does some stumping for (in this case) him, might be more convincing than a hired pen (not to mention cheaper--and possibly already possessing a wide readership).

  6. The hired pens generally stand out as inauthentic... although Thune's hired pens certainly roused a useful blogstorm in 2004.

    "Bang for buck"—always a good question to ask! Blogs, YouTube, and Facebook don't level the playing field, and they don't reach everyone, but they at least offer a way for a lot more candidates to get the ball rolling (remember Weiland?).


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