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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bright Spots on Madison Main Street

Good news from Madison's Main Street:

Lue Poppen is new manager at Ace Hardware in Madison SDThink running a hardware store is man's work? Don't say that to Lue Poppen. As of last week Friday, Poppen is the new manager at Madison's Ace Hardware. She has thirty years of hardware retail experience, most of that at Rusty's Hardware in Howard. She's also a farm gal, so I have no doubt she knows more about hardware than I do. Congratulations on the promotion, Lue!

Mochavino puts out the summer sidewalk furniture in Madison SDIt must be summer: Mochavino has set out its new sidewalk furniture! They're obviously getting ready for the overflow crowd coming to Tuesday night's IgniteSD event. Stop in for coffee and conversation and watch the milling hordes downtown.

new yellow paint on Country Cafe and Dar's Hair Salon in Madison  SDI don't know if it was Sherry or Dar who picked the color, but it got my attention. The Country Café and Dar's Hair Salon on South Egan Ave. now share a nice new coat of yellow paint. Nice work! Now if we could get around to renovating the rest of Main Street....

1 comment:

  1. I dig the yellow!

    IgniteSD will be great, let's fill the place, and celebrate community too!


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