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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buhl for Senate -- Not Just Blogging!

In the hasty generalization of the morning, South DaCola questions Angie Buhl's chances of winning the District 15 State Senate seat, saying that bloggers just can't win political office. South DaCola cites failed bids for office by Pat Powers and Todd Epp. Feel free to throw on the pile my inability to win a school board seat.

But to characterize Angie Buhl as nothing more than a blogger misses the point. Her blogging for Dakota Women was an extension of a much deeper commitment to community issues and political action. She's a big mover in the South Dakota Young Democrats. She's worked hard in previous campaigns, made all sorts of connections, and knows her stuff. She also has the guts to lead a conversation about the need for changing South Dakota's politics.

If anything hamstrings Buhl's chances of winning, it won't be her blogging. It will be her willingness to call a dog a dog... and in this case, the dog is South Dakota's regressive status quo.

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