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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Conservative Website Claims Watchdog Status on Mayor-Elect Huether

...now if that dog just had a name....

NotMyManMike.com, an anti-Mike Huether website, appeared to fold the night Huether won the Sioux Falls mayoral run-off. But they're back with a nice new Wordpress template. As Nick Nemec notes, their latest post, "Election Recap," sounds like some last-gasp sour grapes, but the website promises to stick around as a "watchdog blog."

I disagree with some of the website's apparent politics and take on fiscal policy. I also don't care much for a site that dedicates itself to attacking one man personally but won't identify its own author(s) by name (skyorbit? Come on: we are not the Green Lantern or Vendetta). I do note, however, that the author was willing to identify the website's funding source as Ivan Ven Osdel of Sioux Falls. Site registrant and technical contact is Sioux Falls Libertarian Tracy Saboe. Interestingly, their small blogroll includes a link to a blog by conservative Neal Tapio, a hearkening to South Dakota blogosphere history.

Political disagreements aside, I share the thus far anonymous author's concerns about America's usury capital being governed by a rich former bank president. Democrat or not, Mayor Huether (and every other local government) can use a good watchdog. I hope NotMyManMike.com will ably and honestly fill the role it now claims... and will do so by name.

Update 10:35 CDT: I take that back: skyorbit appears to be Tracy Saboe's online handle. I just wish NotMyManMike.com would make that connection a little clearer. You speak in the public realm, you should speak directly by name.

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