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Friday, May 7, 2010

Giebink Trades House Race for Police Chase

Looks like Greg Kniffen is on his own leading the Dem charge against Gene Abdallah and Roger Hunt in District 10:

A Sioux Falls attorney is in custody after she led a sheriff's deputy on a high-speed chase that reached 100 mph at one point.

The Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department says a deputy attempted to stop a speeding vehicle around 2 a.m. Friday on East 26th Street in Sioux Falls. The driver, Mary Ann Giebink, ran two stop signs along Six Mile Road and continued to speed through the Pine Lake Hills housing development [Kushida and Dunsmoor, "SF Attorney Arrested for DWI, Marijuana," KELOLand.com, 2010.05.07].

Giebink is technically still a Democratic candidate for the South Dakota House of Representatives. But "first DWI, aggravated eluding, speeding, stop sign violations and possession of marijuana" just don't make a good campaign slogan.

When it comes to booze and pot, I'm a big Nancy. But for Pete's sake, if you just have to get lit up, can you just do it at home?

Update: $5000 bond, ankle monitor... and bad pix in jail stripes. District 10 Dems, fire up the Independent draft movement.


  1. There is a provision in the state law where a candidate can resign and their party can appoint a replacement. The last day to do this is sometime in August.

  2. This isn't the first time a tragic DUI arrest made the news in politics this year.

    My heart goes out to all who struggle with alcohol and drugs problems -- and I am very thankful no one was hurt in any of these sad stories this year.

    Nick, the story on KOTA has the dates you refer to - she would have to withdraw by August 8, and the Party would have to replace her by August 13.

  3. cp..."My heart goes out to all who struggle with alcohol and drugs problems -- and I am very thankful no one was hurt in any of these sad stories this year."

    Are you kidding me? Your bleeding heart makes me want to barf. Giebink chose her love for alcohol and illegal drugs over public safety and the potential of killing a bystander or innocent driver.

    She's an attorney, she's a candidate for public office. She's already had one DUI conviction less than a year ago. She considers herself above the law and hoped her high-speed escape would save her from public humiliation.

    Giebink violated her probation and should be jailed without bail. No sympathy here.

  4. Maybe she could hire Bill Janklow as her lawyer. I hear he has experience in moving violations.


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