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Friday, May 7, 2010

Health Care Protest Losing Steam: NC Voters Oppose Nullification

With his participation in the doomed health care reform lawsuit, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley wants to take us back to South Carolina, 1832. Voters in North Carolina aren't so eager. A new poll finds that while 52% of North Carolinians say they don't dig the new health insurance reform law, only 40% say they support the lawsuit to overturn it. 46% say they don't want North Carolina to sign on to the lawsuit.

Public Policy Polling points out that the right-wing group that conducted this poll, the Civitas Institute, hasn't included this finding in its stream of press releases on the poll.

Tom Jensen says the North Carolina numbers show that even conservative voters are ready to drop the health care shouting and get on with fixing other problems:

The GOP really has a choice on health care- if they stop pushing on it now they will clearly have scored a victory on the issue. But if they keep up with lawsuits and repeal talk they risk having the tide turn against them by antagonizing voters who just want it to go away [Tom Jensen, "NC Opposes Health Care Lawsuit," Public Policy Polling, 2010.05.06].

Nullification was not a winning issue for John Calhoun. It won't be a winning issue for Marty Jackley. And it won't be a winning issue for anyone running in November.


  1. Just this morning I saw an ad on KELO with a guy dressed like Paul Revere riding a galloping horse and brandishing a rolled up scroll of parchment paper. I don't remember the narration because the image was so goofy but at the end they switched to former Gov. George Pataki urging people to sign a petition against "Obamacare". The regular public might be losing interest but expect the Tea Party types to continue to bang the drum.

  2. Freedom and the U.S. Constitution are alwaysM winning issues...with Americans, that is.

    A few might be getting weak-kneed, but opposition to this unconstitutional scheme remains very high. The American people despise having their lives run for them, despite your infantile attempts to hearken back to the repressive ideas that, um, your party once championed.

    And we will toss this unconstitutional socialist fossil onto the ash heap of history next year.

  3. Bob, are Medicare and Social Security unconstitutional too?

  4. Cory cites the following quotation, "But if they keep up with lawsuits and repeal talk they risk having the tide turn against them by antagonizing voters who just want it to go away."

    The problem with that quote is that if we don't do anything, IT (the health care monstrosity) will NOT go away. It can't be ignored because it now unfortunately is law, and laws can't be ignored (unless you illegally come into this country, but I digress).


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