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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jayhawks' Olson and Louris Sing of Chamberlain

Why do I have to listen to a Canadian radio station to hear music about South Dakota? I'm listening to CKUA online, and I just heard for the first time "Chamberlain, South Dakota," a song from Ready for the Flood released last year by Jayhawks founders Mark Olson & Gary Louris.

Here are Olson and Louris in a Chicago 2009 performance:


  1. Good Lord, are they awesome or what? Always have been, and they keep getting better.

    Case in point.

    The only SD station we'll hear this on is SDPB (and thank goodness for them) and maybe a couple college stations...which is exactly why I never listen to format radio. If I never hear "The Boys of Summer" or "Rhiannon" again, that's OK with me.

  2. Jayhawks redefine awesome! SDPB is great, 'On Record' is a can't miss program!

    We've gotta get more of this here in Madison, live too, I'm working on it too, who I love to bring to Madison, beyond all of the great local talents (Welcome to the Cinema, Golden Bubbles, We have hooks for hands):

    Greg Brown, Pieta Brown w/Bo Ramsey, Mason Jennings, Laura Love, Deb Talan, Cathe Curtis, Tilly and the Wall, and yes parts of the Jayhawks would be great too. I love great singer-songwriters, Feel free to add!

  3. I don't think it will be a jingle in any tourism ad.

  4. Maybe it should be, how's that for an original marketing effort, make it happen Chamberlain!

    If only there was a Madison song, what can Michael Hope do for us there?

  5. "how'd we get so tired and helpless"... yeah, probably not rocketing to the top of the Chamber of Commerce charts. Still, it's a good example of a huge world of good music our format radio stations ignore. Thank goodness for online radio (and SDPB!).


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