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Saturday, May 8, 2010

KJAM Broadcasting Online

KJAM is now live-streaming its AM signal online. I don't imagine folks will be tuning in worldwide to listen to the same music they can get from a number of generic classic hits format stations in their own neck of the woods. But this new service may find an audience among traveling locals and Lake County ex-pats who want to keep up with Madison area news and sports.

Of course, they still have a long way to go to catch up with the cultural richness of South Dakota Public Radio, which gives us two online broadcasts or the sheer awesomeness of the best radio station in the world, CKUA. Note to Richard M.: CKUA is a public, non-profit organization, and it provides better music and cultural programming than any free-market radio station I've listened to. That's what I mean about private broadcasters providing the bland content that is a larger audience's second choice instead of the high-quality programming produced by the community effort of CKUA. (For more on that concept, read Yochai Benkler.)


  1. Ok for that reason, but why listen to all those commercials when there's Pandora, LastFM, Slacker, etc. Commercial radio is gonna go bye bye.

  2. Let's see... local information, news, sports, weather... things that you won't find on Pandora, LastFM, Slacker, etc. And with those services, you'll still have commercials or you have to pay a monthly subscription

    Commercial Radio isn't going anywhere, John, despite your wishes/prediction... It'll stay strong as long as it stays LOCAL and RELEVANT.

  3. Every few songs Pandora has one commercial. One! LastFM doesn't have any and with these services you can click skip if the DJ picked a track you don't like and change to any venue. Commercial radio has too many interruptions and limitations to stay popular and people can go elsewhere for their local content. I haven't turned on a radio in years in the home and just briefly in the car. Think Newsweek.

  4. John can build his own local station, listening to Pandora (or CKUA!) while reading the Madville Times. ;-)


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