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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Knudson Uses Selective Quotes in Latest TV Ads

I guess I should watch more TV....

An eager reader points out some clear distortion from the Knudson campaign. The latest Knudson ad cites applause from the Aberdeen American News:
  • "Knudson truly is a problem solver."
  • "Knudson might be the most effective member of the Legislature."
  • "Knudson's legislative record would dwarf that of Daugaard."
  • "Knudson's legislative record exceeds the Governor's in many respects."
  • "Knudson's been a champion of holding down property taxes, more state aid to K-12 public schools, promoting economic development."
All of the above are relatively accurate quotes from four paragraphs in this May 1 op-ed by Bob Mercer. But those four paragraphs were sandwiched with some critical analysis of the Knudson campaign.
  • Mercer questions Knudson's claim to have led the effort to balance the 2011 budget: "It is true that Knudson appeared to be a leader in the effort. But all of those debates and discussions took place behind closed doors at the Capitol. So who can really know?"
  • Mercer notes that Knudson's claim might have some credence if at least one other legislator would step forward and vouch for Knudson. Otherwise, Knudson comes off sounding like Gordon Howie (and Rule #1 on the Team Knudson Strategy Board: Do NOT sound like Gordon Howie!).
  • Mercer also questions Knudson's taking credit for the 1995 school-aid fix: "Knudson, a Sioux Falls lawyer, was the temporary chief of staff for Gov. Bill Janklow in the 1995 legislative session. In the 15 years since then, I've never heard Janklow give all or even most of the credit to Knudson for those pieces of legislation that Knudson worked on" [Bob Mercer, "Capitol Notebook: Closed Doors Obscure Facts in Campaign Fight," Aberdeen American News, 2010.05.01]
Mercer also credits Daugaard with running a better campaign, noting that going negative may hurt Knudson, especially since he's putting his face on those attacks.

Speaking of faces...

...who the heck is doing your ads, Dave? I see this image, and I see Daugaard first. He's looking right at me! I can see his eyes! His lighting is better! You obviously have a Daugaard mole on your staff who keeps screwing up your TV spots. Whack the mole, do your ads right!

And consider quoting Bob Mercer in context.


  1. Keep an eye on the quiet dark horse coming up from behind. Scott Munsterman is quickly growing his prairie grass fire campaign and is the only candidate who can claim true leadership experience as former Mayor of Brookings, leader of proven economic development efforts and shining star with our state's lowest unemployment level. No politics as usual with Scott. Just hard work and the correct focus. He's the candidate to watch in June.

  2. Munsterman... silent but deadly? Could he play Rounds to the Knudson-Daugaard feud? Will Daugaard respond harshly enough to make it a feud?


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