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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parker, SF O'Gorman Field Presidential Scholars

Congrats are in order to HS seniors Derek S. Christensen of Parker and Kiah M. Schaefbauer of Sioux Falls O'Gorman. The two have been names South Dakota's Presidential Scholars for 2010. I am pleased to note that, among their other numerous activities, Christensen and Schaefbauer are both accomplished public speakers. Christensen has medaled at the state interp contest. Schaefbauer has been an active interper for O'Gorman; I also got to see Schaefbauer on stage at the state one-act play festival this year.

But their lives aren't all speech activities: both scholars are taking their math teachers with them to Washington, DC, in June. Perhaps that just goes to show that if you want to succeed, you should know how to speak to a crowd... and do your calculus!

Christensen and Schaefbauer came out on top of a field of 46 South Dakota candidates. Alas, no candidates from Madison this year. Next year, Bulldogs -- start working on those apps now!

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