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Monday, May 10, 2010

WaPo Blog: Chris Nelson "Takes the Bait" on Birther Issue

I'm not the only one surprised that Chris Nelson sounds like the biggest birther on the block. Kevin Woster talked this noon on SDPB about our U.S. House candidates' responses to his question about whether they believe President Obama was born in the U.S.A. His comment section has some other folks raising eyebrows about Nelson's failure to acknowledge the obvious and preference instead for cowardly non-denial denial.

Woster noted that folks in Washington noticed Nelson's birther intonation. Says Washington Post's David Weigel:

Of course, most people have taken "at face value" Obama's certification of live birth from Hawaii, released by the campaign in 2008, as proof of where he was born. Interestingly, Nelson's less-well-established primary challengers don't take the bait, and blow off the question [David Weigel, "S.D. secretary of state: Obama's citizenship may be 'scam'," Washington Post: Right Now, 2010.05.10].

No word yet on whether Nelson's denialism will stir more embarrassment that the Legislature's denialism on climate science....


  1. Could this become the defining issue in the election should Nelson win the primary? I would think he'd want to pull this item off the debate table immediately. It will be interesting to see if he does. Very interesting development here, huh Cory?

  2. Bill I certainly hope it doesn't become a defining issue. With all the important issue facing the nation , the fact that this nonsense is still being brought up makes me want to pull my hair out! However I will be holding my nose while I vote for SHS , but how could I even think of voting for a man that has the lack of judgement to answer that question the way he did?

  3. Woster indulged in a little theatrical retelling of the story, weird.

    Interesting gamble, it sure pushes Nelson out into the open, for sure. This should solidify him the typical mainstream 70-something South Dakota Republican voter though.


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