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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weiner Roasts Beck's Gold Sponsor

Shout out to Adam: Come back from the TV... and don't order those coins!

If Dennis Kucinich ever tires of running for President, I hope Anthony Weiner will take up the challenge. My favorite Congressman from New York has issued a report finding Goldline uses conservative talk-radio paranoia and other shady tactics to drive sales. From Congressman Weiner's report:

...Goldline International has been in business since 1960, but has gained national prominence recently by sponsoring conservative talk show hosts.

These paid spokespeople have happily agreed to promote Goldline by playing off the fear of inflation, to encourage people to purchase gold as an investment that will protect them from an out of control government.

In reality Goldline is a company that uses conservative rhetoric, high pressure sales tactics and tall tales about the future of gold to sell over priced coins that can be bought somewhere else for cheaper [Congressman Anthony Weiner, "As Seen on TV: An Investigation of Goldline International," U.S. House of Representatives, 2010.05.17].

In pot-calling-kettle news, Goldline spokesman and entertainer Glenn Beck accuses Rep. Weiner of using McCarthyite tactics. (Really, Glenn? Really?!?)

Rep. Weiner is undaunted, saying "...the facts are clear. Goldline rips off consumers and Glenn Beck helps." (So do fellow fear purveyors Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Dennis Miller, and Laura Ingraham, all with choice goonie goldbuggery quoted in the report.) The Congressman is calling for consumer protection legislation to require metals dealers to disclose hidden fees, purchase price, melt value, resale value, and resale profit information.


  1. The reason gold is popular across the globe is that it offers independence from the state. So while governments print money with nothing to back it except more and more ink, gold provides an option to protect your personal wealth. Silver, oil and gold will always have a buyer.

    As for Congressman Weiner, I doubt he could balance his own checkbook.

  2. As with most Democrats in Congress... Republicans too. I doubt most of them could even manage a 7-11 and we're letting them run the country... Oy Vey ist Mir!


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