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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zaiko Challenging Karpen for Dems PUC Nomination

"S.D. Democrats Hit PUC Snag"—why can't TransCanada be the subject of that sentence?

Snag? I disagree with Mr. Brokaw's headline characterization of John Zaiko's declaration he is still seeking South Dakota Democrats' nomination to challenge Dusty Johnson for his seat on the Public Utilities Commission. Mr. Zaiko's persistence is perhaps mildly bothersome to whoever decided to anoint Union County Commissioner Doyle Karpen as our nominee ten weeks before the convention. I, however, find notable pleasure in the opportunity to choose someone other than Hyperion-loving Karpen for this office. I also dig names with Z's. ;-)

I welcome Mr. Zaiko's candidacy and look forward to hearing him make his case in more detail. (In other words, John, put up a blog! Tell us what you stand for! Make the sale!)

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