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Thursday, June 3, 2010

AP Stylebook: "Website" Now One Word!

The AP Stylebook has added a new "social media" section. Among the profound declarations: website is now one word, uncapitalized. Funny: that's how I've been writing website all along, but until now, AP has preferred Web site. I love waking up to find I'm no longer wrong. But take note: Web page remains two words.

By AP rules, you should still capitalize Web when referring to this worldwide wonder. And for Pete's sake, keep the hyphen in e-mail, e-book, and e-reader.

AP now recognizes unfriend and defriend as acceptable verbs. Of course, you can make the world a better place by focusing on befriending....

Update 2010.07.04
: Then again, if you're writing for the Web, do you listen to an anchor of the old media, or do you follow the new Yahoo style guide? Yahoo says no hyphen in e-mail. Choices, choices....

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