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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben Arndt Now a Dem? Not That I Mind...

Pat Powers and his commenters are having inordinate fun talking about Ben Arndt's rumored last-minute switch from Republican to Democrat. There's no mainstream confirmation yet... though I suppose I can ask Ben and his running mate Scott Heidepriem myself at the convention this morning.

If Ben has switched, I simply say, "'Bout time! Welcome to the party!"

But I would like some clarification: Powers is suggesting Arndt had to switch under state law to qualify for the ticket. I've perused state law, the state constitution, and the party constitution, and I see no clear requirement that the lieutenant governor register in the same party as the governor, or that a candidate has to belong to the party to receive the party's nomination (although as a party activist, I'd ask a non-party member some hard questions about why I ought to nominate him). But I'm also hurrying through breakfast, so I may have missed something.

Dear readers, your homework for today: find the statute or by-law requiring Arndt to be a Democrat. Also, let me know how much Ben Arndt's party registration matters to you.



    SECTION 1: Any person 18 years of age, who is a registered Democrat in South Dakota may participate fully in any public Party meetings and be elected to any Party office, except where specifically prohibited by law.

    SECTION 2: All meetings at all levels of the Democratic Party are open to all members of the Democratic Party of South Dakota.

  2. [Live from the Convention!] I read that portion, Anon: it appears to apply to Party offices, like party chair, and participating in the convention and other such meetings. But does this section say a candidate has to be a Democrat for the Democratic Party to nominate him to constitutional office?


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