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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger Outage Over! Madville Times Still not Switching to Wordpress

Whew! We're back! Since about 7 p.m. last night, Blogger.com's authoring tools were offline for a number of users. You and I could read this blog, but I couldn't post any new material. Comments were also acting weird as well—my apologies to any of you who lost good zingers! Perhaps it was an angry God, punishing us secular leftists for embracing counterfeit marriage. ;-)

Following some stressed and cranky comments in the Blogger forum and on Twittter from fellow withdrawal-suffering bloggers, I heard some predictable rumblings about switching to Wordpress. A 19-hour outage certainly is enough to drive consideration of substitute products.

In my book, head to head, Blogger still beats Wordpress with an easier, cleaner, and faster publishing interface and much less spam in the comments.

And in five years of using this product, I have never encountered a Blogger outage of comparable magnitude. I'm still not convinced migrating to a full hosting account at MadvilleTimes.com would be any better—how many times has Dakota War College reported in the past five years? With free Blogger.com, users get what they pay for and then some.

Nonetheless, I apologize, dear readers, for any inconvenience you experienced in not being able to enjoy the latest Madville Times news and commentary over breakfast. Big primary tomorrow, so stay tuned!


  1. Actually, my feed aggregator has been down on occasion, but rarely has my blog.

    There are huge considerations with wordpress in terms of expanded file hosting, media files, customization, monetizing, and I like the fact I can host multiple blogs and websites.

  2. Pat, was that just a moment of candid reflection or did you really want to say, "nana nana boo boo?"

    "husho," Bill.


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