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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dems Nominate Ron Volesky for Attorney General

Sure enough: we get to vote for Ron Volesky after all! Jessica Hotchkiss from Beadle County just nominated one of my favorite Democrats and orators to run for Attorney General. Mr. Volesky delivers a rousing address to the assembled delegates of the Democratic Convention. He wryly notes that he and our gubernatorila nominee, Scott Heidepriem, were once considered competitors, then declares his pride in joining Heidepriem on a united slate of Democratic candidates.

Volesky promises as attorney general to be guided by the moral test of government: how it treats the young, the aged, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped. He promises to protect workers' rights to organize, to root out corporate crime as diligently as street crime, and to enforce the laws for all citizens. He also promises to protect the fundamental rights of all, regardless of where they live or what race or religion they belong to.

Let's hope he'll also pull South Dakota out of silly lawsuits like Marty Jackley's doomed crusade against health insurance reform.

And Volesky makes the ballot unanimously. Yahoo! We're filling the slate!

More updates from the 2010 South Dakota Democratic Convention on Twitter at #SDDems!

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