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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hoffman Gets KELO Daugaard Beat... and Other Cool Primary News!

State Representative Charlie Hoffman must have pulled some strings to get his daughter the happy job tonight. A mere SDSU journalism intern for KELO (not to mention former Miss South Dakota), she gets the plum job of reporting from the likely Team Daugaard victory party at the downtown Holiday Inn in Sioux Falls. Lucky gal!

Oh, yeah, if you're looking for results, you can go straight to the Secretary of State's results website, which updates automatically, or the KELO site, which lists everything down to dog catcher on one page. Here we go!

Miss Hoffman is tweeting... perhaps I will too! Get all the fun at Twitter hash #sdprimary!

Update 20:42 CDT: And Twitter breaks primary night. Twitter is such crap!

But Angie Buhl is not crap: she's your new Senator from District 15! 369-255! Hooya!

And in other tough-gal news, with more than half the precincts in, Kristi Noem is holding her slim lead over Chris Nelson. Wowza!

Update 21:33 CDT: O.K., Twitter is fixed. Twitter is only mostly crap.


  1. COrey -

    ALex rocks - so great that you recognized her, but sorry to see Kathy Miles loose. She is a quality person and a solid legislator. You may not have liked her commitment to pro-life issues, but she's the DIck Kniep type of public official that your party can't afford to loose. Life should not be a partisan issue, but if pro-life public officials are going to be purged from your party - over that issue alone - like Kathy was - you will be disconnected from far over 50% of the voters of this state -- and we'll loose good public servants like Kathy Miles.

    --Lee Schoenbeck

  2. One person's pro-life is another person's anti-woman.

    Even here in South Dakota, folks are sick, just sick of people doing all they can to block policies to avoid unplanned pregnancy AND then having the GALL to tell women that they know what's best for them when the inevitable result of blocking women's access to health care occurs. And then taking political victory laps for how moral they are.

    Phhblt, I say.

    Despite the title of my blog (it's irony, okay?) this is not a radical position. It's right in the political mainstream.

    The facts are, Mr. Schoenbeck -- the abortion wars were LOSERS for Democrats; and Kathy Miles and Julie Bartling were played by the Republicans like cheap violins.

    From what I've read and talked to with old-timers about how things went down way back when, so was Dick Kneip, on tax issues, unfortunately.

    Will we ever learn to stand by our values as Democrats?

  3. Lee, I plead ignorance and bias. I don't even know Kathy Miles, so it's nothing personal or political on her. I do know Angie Buhl, and I'm happy to see a fellow unapologetic Democrat (not to mention blog veteran!) get a chance to take the fight to Pierre.

  4. I'll tell you fellas exactly how I feel about this.

    I am mystified how Miles, Schoenbeck, et al. are still getting away with calling this a "pro-life" position.
    Fortunately, South Dakotans have given it much thought (twice) and decided that punishing young women is simply not a solution that helps women.

    Miles, c. 2007 (Baptist Press):
    Some South Dakota legislators who supported the ban last year say they may oppose this year's bill because it's being presented too soon after the previous bill's defeat. But Democratic Rep. Kathy Miles, a bill sponsor, disagrees.

    "I think when push comes to shove, the people of South Dakota are still pro-life," Miles said, according to the Leader. "When is the right time to save lives and help women? Waiting another year? I don't think so."

    As the father of two daughters, if Miles was indeed hurt by her "pro-life" pronouncements, I am thrilled to see a politician punished for making moralistic political points, making themselves look good from the expense of young women. Yes, abortion is a tragedy and there are too many. But Namibia and El Salvador are not nice places for women. In America, we're better than that.

    Thankfully, Angie (and most of her generation) know that the answer here is not less access to women's health care, but more. In my view, that's a real pro-life position.

  5. As a former constituent of Kathy Miles, I have to strongly disagree with Lee Schoenbeck.

    Kathy Miles lost the election because she doesn't listen to her constituents. She might be a nice person but I wouldn't know because she never bothered to get to know me - and I was active in the Democratic party in her district and contacted her frequently about various issues in Pierre. If you weren't one of her friends, you didn't matter to her. She did not respond to e-mails or telephone calls and if you wanted to talk to her you had to corner her at a legislative coffee or at her desk in Pierre. If you disagreed with her, even as one of her constituents, she made sure you knew that you were out of touch and that she knew best what the people of 15 wanted. She was wrong. The election results bear that out - the only precinct Miles won was the one where she lives and worships, and she did not win that one by an overwhelming margin.

    One of the things Angie heard most consistently as she went around the district and met voters was that her opponent had never bothered to do what she was doing - talking to voters about the issues that concerned them. Miles was out of touch with the voters of her district on any number of issues - abortion being only one of many. She would have known that if she'd bothered to talk to them.

    Miles' loss in this race speaks to her ineptitude as a legislator and campaigner and Angie's great talent, energy, and ability. It has very little to do with abortion, in my opinion. And the district is better off with Angie as their senator.


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