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Monday, June 14, 2010

Lake County International Expanding -- Where's Their Handout?

KJAM notes that Lake County International, which I bike or drive by on every trip from Lake Herman into Madison, is expanding this summer. Jeff Bloom says they'll be doubling the size of their 34-year-old building. And we all know that in agriculture, you either get big or get out.

I haven't heard yet whether the City of Madison or LAIC plan to offer Lake County International a housewarming gift. Our leaders favored competitor James River Equipment on the Lake Madison side of town with over $300,000 in government prizes. Where's the love for our other big implement dealer?

Or do you only get presents from the taxpayers when you play ball with the city and help them fill their favored industrial park?


  1. From the article in today's MDL sounds like they weren't begging for free money like their competitor. Hats off. With all the welfare businesses Madison has propped up lately we should send them a thank note.

  2. Send 'em a note? Heck, I'd buy a tractor! (Besides, Jeff is my neighbor. ;-) )


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