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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Polls on SD Gov. and House Races

Vote now before you head to the lake!

Now that we've got nominees, it's poll time! I want to know (as do the folks on the ballot) for whom you plan to vote in November for South Dakota Governor and Congresswoman. Move that little mousey over to the right sidebar here at the Madville Times and tell me who's your guy for governor, Dennis Daugaard or Scott Heidepriem, and who's your woman for Washington, Kristi Noem or Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Not that you're obliged to justify your choices, but any commentary you wish to offer is welcome right here in the comment section.

We'll poll these races a couple more times through the season to see if we can spot any trends. And heck, if B. Thomas Admiral Stockdale Marking shows he's serious, maybe I'll even add him to the next House poll!

These polls will be open through the weekend, closing at 7 a.m. Monday. Analysis and wild speculation to follow!


  1. This story was a whap upside my head: http://www.indiancountrytoday.com/archive/95613059.html

  2. A commenter whose ID I can't verify (thus anonymous) posts the same email from the SHS campaign that I received today, asking folks to "show your support" in online polls at WNAX, Mitchell Daily Republic, Aberdeen American, and right here. The anon claims to be on the Noem mailing list and not to have received any such poll-stacking requests from that campaign. My read of the referring URLs says Noem doesn't need to issue those orders from the top: she has an active network of supporters spreading that word on Facebook. Either way, it's game on! Keep those votes coming!


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