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Friday, June 18, 2010

Noem, DWC, Daugaard Razz Chris Nelson

Are Republicans razzing Chris Nelson? I have to wonder:
  1. Kristi Noem goes looking for a replacement campaign manager. She skips Nelson's manager and picks the guy who brought his candidate in last. (Then again, did Nelson have a campaign manager?)
  2. Dakota War College steps out to endorse Jason Gant over Nelson's deputy Teresa Bray for the GOP Secretary of State nomination. Mr. Powers. says Bray is too much like Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Ben Arndt: she hasn't lived in South Dakota or been involved with the party long enough to warrant elevation to an elected statewide office.
  3. Not that anyone expected Daugaard to pick Nelson as his running mate, but look who Daugaard does choose: the guy who kept Chris Nelson's old mustache. One cannot miss the repudiation of Nelson's anti-whisker campaign tactic. Now if Dennis would just whisker up. (Pierre readers: has anyone seen if Nelson is letting his upper lip return to its better, darker self?)
Come on, Republicans, give Chris a break. He knows he should have fought harder to win the primary.


  1. No razzing for Chris. Just a disagreement on who is best for the job.

    Besides, I don't have time for razzing. I'm busy doing investigative reporting.


  2. Cory, I heard Chris Nelson on SDPR la few days ago, talking about his 'stache, and got the impression that it was gone for good. Sounds like he doesn't miss it.

  3. ah, the fresh strong smell of conspiracy theories in the morning.

  4. But Bill, he's still hanging onto the mustache picture on the official SOS website.

    And Douglas, every garden, including my mental garden, needs a little manure to keep growing. :-)


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