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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Noem Gets NRCC "Young Gun" Kiss of Death

Alas, poor Kristi Noem. First she hires Curd's losing campaign manager, now she gets one of Curd's big losing endorsements.

In his continuing series of Republican press release repostings, Pat Powers trumpets propaganda from the National Republican Congressional Committee as news. As he celebrates the NRCC's inclusion of South Dakota's GOP House candidate Kristi Noem in their "Young Guns" marketing campaign, the Dakota War College author misses the real story. The NRCC originally picked R. Blake Curd as its fresh young gun, only to see Curd place last among South Dakota primary voters.

The NRCC's Young Guns have fired blanks across the country. The NRCC's Democratic counterpart cites ten other NRCC-backed candidates who have lost this year.

Hmm... sounds like a kiss of death to me!

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