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Monday, June 21, 2010

Theocratic Sound and Fury Draws Paltry Rapid City Crowd

Gordon Howie just can't stop making speeches. Howie got 75 people—about 2% of the Black Hills voters who helped him place fourth in the five-man gubernatorial primary—to waste a nice Father's Day afternoon sitting inside the Ramkota listening to Howie, Pastor H. Wayne Williams, and struggling novice talk radio host Shad Olson play more Glenn Beck karaoke.

Now I suppose I can't trust the Rapid City Journal's account of the event, since RCJ is just another tentacle of the godless liberal media. Fortunately, instead of having to go to the trouble of attending one of Gord's self-aggrandizing "On the Right Side" rallies, I can simply download his screeds from his website. The content is predictable:
  • Pastor H. Wayne Williams wallows in his persecution complex. He portrays Americans United for Separation of Church and State as an "assault dog" for reporting him to the IRS for endorsing Howie from his church pulpit. Indeed, how vile, that any citizen should report violations of the law to the authorities.... H. Wayne also notes that his church hasn't filed for 501(c)3 status, which I assume means they are thus obliged to pay regular taxes on all income received. Better call the accountant....
  • Kermit Staggers chimes in with lines weaker than I would expect from a political science professor, rehashing the tired old "Constitution doesn't mention separation of church and state" argument... but ignoring the fact that the whole concept of church-state separation comes from Jesus of Nazareth himself (render unto Caesar... oh, wait, don't remind Gordon of that one).
  • Gordon Howie has trouble finding material to fill four pages, so he includes the same Thomas jefferson quote twice. He also includes the Ten Commandments, as if anyone bothering to pick up his little paper doesn't already know them.
  • Shad Olson uses many big words (and you think I'm bad?).
Kevin Woster wonders if the Howie-Olson-Williams-Staggers show could represent a political force to be reckoned with. If they actually promised to do something for the polis, I might say yes. But Howie and his bloviating pals aren't doing anything. They aren't proposing any practical action. They're just blogging out loud, enjoying the sound of their own voices. They don't say anything about education, the economy, energy, the environment, or any other practical policy issues that South Dakota needs to deal with. Their little puppet shows are all about them, about what wonderful, pious, manly Christian warriors Gord and Shad and H. and Kermit are.

A movement driven by personality and persecution complex is not a sustainable political movement. It's marketing for egomaniacs who can't accept the electoral ruling that they are wrong for South Dakota.


  1. What Cory doesn't what you to know6/21/2010 12:32 PM

    "but ignoring the fact that the whole concept of church-state separation comes from Jesus of Nazareth"

    Cory, why did you leave out Pastor Scott Craig who said:

    "Jesus, Who is God, told his flock to beware the yeast of King
    Herod; a communicable worldview that is thriving in our
    nation today. Jesus also called King Herod, “that fox”, which
    was to say in that day that the politician Herod was
    underhanded and immoral. This was after John the Baptist
    was arrested and eventually beheaded after confronting
    Herod for sleeping with his brother's wife. How then can we
    justify not directing our flocks regarding those who seek
    public office, when our government does not threaten us
    with the loss of our heads, but merely the loss of taxexemption.
    As Jesus solemnly warned, you cannot serve both
    God and money."

    So much for the idea that Jesus was separate from state. When will you start telling the truth Cory?

    Steve Sibson

  2. The truth Cory doesn't want you to know6/21/2010 1:41 PM

    "Howie and his bloviating pals aren't doing anything. They aren't proposing any practical action."

    Cory, this was discussed by Howie during the rally and is available on his web site (so when will you apologize for your false and irresponsible accusation?):

    "This is the condition of our State;
    Our current condition….
    We see a disturbing trend that empowers government to make decisions about our children’s education, beginning with MANDATORY kindergarten, expanding the MANDATORY attendance age, and reaching toward state sponsored Pre-K. ALL of these moves spend more money and take choices away from parents. Prayer has been removed from our schools; replaced with the promotion of deviant lifestyles, graphic sex education, and schools that require on site security. School districts are suing the state for more money. Their focus is often on indoctrination rather than education.
    What needs to be done…….
    Reverse the trend of empowering government, and instead empower parents to make decisions regarding their children’s education. All or part of the State aid to education needs to follow the student WHEREVER the parent chooses to send them; public school, home school, Christian school or private school. THAT empowers parents, increases the quality of education and decreases the cost. At the same time, it holds school districts accountable to the parents who can take their child AND THE MONEY somewhere else if the school board won’t listen.
    Illegal immigration
    Our current condition…..
    Illegal immigrants are stealing South Dakota jobs, creating burdens for taxpayers and increasing crime in our State.
    What needs to be done…….
    Hold employers accountable; pass strict laws to protect South Dakota jobs and security. When illegals are caught, fine the employer… use the money to fund the unemployment insurance shortfalls, and place the illegals on a 90 day jail/work plan before sending them back home.
    Protecting children
    Our current condition…..
    Over 50 unborn children are killed every month in South Dakota. They are destroyed in their mother’s wombs in the name of “choice”.
    What needs to be done……
    Planned Parenthood needs to be run out of our state. The out of state “doctors” who come here to kill our children need to be stopped at the border and sent home.
    Our oil & natural gas resources
    Our current condition…..
    Politicians are boasting about ethanol and wind. They are ignoring our oil & natural gas.
    What needs to be done…….
    The State needs to partner with landowners to develop these resources. We could also partner with neighboring States to create regional refineries. A result will be reduced tax burdens and new jobs. These resources located under school and public lands can serve as a further revenue source.
    State Government Spending
    Our current condition……
    Next year’s budget spends $32.5 million dollars more than this year. Politicians give us excuses, rhetoric and budget double talk, but continue to spend more money.
    What needs to happen……..
    We need to FREEZE state spending and STOP government growth. No more excuses, no more delays, no more budget double talk. An aggressive program should begin immediately to examine every State agency, top to bottom to find new efficiencies, cost savings and eliminate waste.
    Our freedom
    Our current condition……
    The federal government is taking control of business and health care. In league with the media and leftist politicians, they are systematically destroying the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. Our political leaders are asleep at the switch rather than aggressively defending our freedoms.
    What needs to happen……..
    We need to pass the Health Care Freedom Act, and form coalitions with other states to preserve our constitutional rights as a state and as individuals. Our State government needs to be PRO-ACTIVE in defending our freedoms at every level against continued Federal intervention.

    Steve Sibson

  3. I left out Pastor Craig Scott because he doesn't understand Jesus or the Constitution. His effort to equate Herod's tyranny with curernt tax law is laughable.

    School choice is another fundie culture war red herring. We have school choice now. How does letting parents in Bison choose schools solve the funding formula?

    Illegal immigrants: no evidence.

    Oil and natural gas: what great local reserves are you talking about? Or is that the oil God will bless us with when we declare the Howie theocracy? And partnering with other states to create regional refineries? What kind of big-government socialism is that?

    The "issues" you attribute to Howie are nothing more than wishes and dreams of culture war distraction. But go ahead, keep running. Keep proving your inability to govern. The voters will respond accordingly.


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