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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebrate Canada Day: Stop Keystone XL

Happy ! Happy Canada Day!

We Marxists can't wait to create the North American Union, since it would achieve our ultimate goal of merging our national holidays into a huge midsummer four-day holiday. But contrary to the fears of some black-helicopter alarmists, we treasonous continentalizers do not want to unite Canada and the U.S. with more tar sands pipelines. In fact, on this Canada Day, we honor our northern neighbors [and someday compatriots!] by calling on the United States to block construction of Keystone XL, a tar sands pipeline that will only feed our fossil fuel addiction at the expense of Canada's environment (hat tip to Robert Pore):

Production of tar sand oils is already the largest contributor of greenhouse gases in Canada, and production is only slated to expand. The mining and processing of tar sands also produces land damage, heavy water use and pollution.

The world’s largest tar sand deposit, in Alberta, covers 54,000 square miles, an area the size of England. Strip mining is used extensively, leaving very large holes.

Another mining method — injecting steam and solvents such as caustic soda into shafts — uses up to four units of water for every unit of oil produced. And after being used, the water is mostly held in tailing ponds and is unfit for human or animal use [environmental historian Francis Moul, "TransCanada Pipeline Threatens the Sand Hills," guest editorial, Omaha World Herald, 2010.06.25].

Trusted White House advisor John Podesta has called tar sands oil "polluting, destructive, expensive, and energy intensive" resource that cannot be made environmentally safe. Tar sands only make Canada messier... and they won't do much for the U.S., either.

Celebrate Canada Day by doing our neighbors a favor: stop TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline.

p.s.: Or at the very least, if we can't stop Keystone XL, send out some inspectors to make sure TransCanada doesn't build with defective Indian steel.

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