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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Madison: Free Beer! Commission Considers Repealing Hooch Samples Ban

Update: The City Commission agenda is labeled July 13... but a neighbor tells me the commission met last night. Hmm....

Five years ago, I suggested a number of alternative slogans for our fair city, including "Madison: Free Beer!"

The City of Madison may be taking me up on that. At tonight's city commission meeting, our fearless leaders will consider repealing Section 4-11, which bans off-sale licensees from giving free samples of alcoholic beverages.

So seriously: are Madison's booze peddlers going to make the case that there isn't enough demand already, that they now need to hand out free samples to drum up business?


  1. I really don't see the harm in this as long as it is being dispensed to people over the age of 21.

    In our restuarant I often give free samples of wine and new products to our customers. I have never noticed any problems when we have done it.

  2. I'd put up a sign like they have at the Old Dutch Inn in Dell Rapids.

    "Free Beer Tomorrow"

    And leave the sign up there indefinitely! LOL


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