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Friday, July 2, 2010

Madville Times "Lake to Shining Lake" Bicycle Ride Saturday 8 A.M.!

This time we thought we'd plan ahead....

Blog and bike enthusiasts alike, up for a bike ride tomorrow morning? Regular commenter, avid cyclist, and MHS debate alum Tony Amert is in town for America's birthday and suggested we ride our mountain bikes from Lake Herman to Lake Madison and back, as we both did most separately a couple July 4ths ago. Then we thought, heck, why not invite everyone else?

The plan:
  • Meet at the public access boat ramp on the west side of Lake Herman at 8 a.m. Saturday, July 3, 2010. That's on Cottonwood Cove Trail, within view of my green house.
  • Recommended gear: fat tires (we're riding lots of gravel) and water
  • Estimated distance: about 22 miles from lake to lake (longer if we get lured by detours)
  • Planned route: see map! We'll go south around Lake Herman first, through the boonies to Lake Madison, and up to the new public access area. From there, we'll wend out way back toward Madison and Lake Herman.
  • Possible detours: east on the paved bike path to Johnson's point; charge through downtown; loop through Lake Herman State Park and Dirks Resort.
Come climb some gravel hills (slight bumps, my Black Hills friends will call them) and anoint yourselves in the cooling waters of Lake County's crystal blue-green gems. Come ride!


  1. Those green waters sound irresistible Cory! There's a great science fiction story lurking in those lakes , be careful. If I wasnt going to Yankton I would borrow a moped and come tool along with you :-). Sounds like fun, have a good time!!! Happy Birthday America!!!!

  2. I have one spare mountain bike ('08 Specialized Rockhopper) that would fit any rider 5'9" to 6'3" or a little taller or shorter to loan if someone wants to come along and doesn't have a bike. First to post below that they want to borrow it gets it. (bike has combo clipless/platform pedals so no need for special shoes. I have a spare size 12 set if anyone wants to try clipless.)

    Ride will be at a no drop pace. I will be riding my very heavy all mountain full suspension bike so this will not be a terribly quick ride.

    Ride at your own risk, not responsible for injuries.

    If anyone happens to be out in the hills and wants to check out the mountain scene group rides are posted at http://www.blackhillsbicycling.com/. Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. We typically get 20-40 riders per ride ranging in age from 10 to 80. Bring your own refreshments for after the ride (we typically chill out for a while after every ride).

  3. Loaner bike has been claimed. See you all tomorrow morning @ the ramp!


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