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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Minor Malpractice: KELO "Promotes" Grassroots with Top-Down Report

Minor journalistic malpractice: KELO does a story on the good work neighborhood associations can do to address specific local concerns within the big city of Sioux Falls. They mention the Whittier Resident Association, which erstwhile-blogging neighbor April Schave has discussed here on the Madville Times.

But does KELO actually visit with any of the good folk from Whittier to find out what they've done to make their neighborhood a better place or get tips on how to start and sustain a neighborhood association? Alas, no. They do the easy journalism, talking only with city officials Erica Beck and Darrin Smith. To their credit, Beck and Smith are encouraging local folks to start their own associations. But instead of directing folks to go to the center and contact the city planning department, the report would be that much better if it linked to the Whittier Resident Association so other residents could get info straight from the horse's mouth.

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