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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Operation Homefront Collecting School Supplies for Deployed Troops' Kids

I hate even mentioning "back to school" in July. It comes from when I was little: no thought of school until after my birthday in August!

But Patricia Stricherz sends a back-to-school note that shouldn't wait:

Operation Homefront SD logoOperation Homefront SoDak has started their back-to-school drive to provide backpacks and school supplies to children of deployed troops.

If you would like to help, 2nd Street Diner in Madison is a drop-off location for new backpacks, as well as ABC Seamless in Sioux Falls. Another way to help is to visit the Dollar Tree Store in your area and make a dollar donation that goes to Operation Homefront for supplies.

If you are a family of a deployed military member, please call 888-293-3775 or email us at sodak /at\ operationhomefront \dot/ net to register for back-to-school supplies.

Patricia Stricherz
Operation Homefront South Dakota

Got a buck? A book? A backpack? Support the troops; give Patricia a shout and donate.

1 comment:

  1. Just a hint here to help with this effort. Most years Menards has backpacks on sale with rebate that are either no cost or maybe a buck afgter the rebate. I have been buying the limit allowed and donating them to the Banquet for several years. This is a good way to make a donation to Operation Homefront too.


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