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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pants Fight! Street Cinema from Rapid City

West River neighbor Bill Fleming recommends the following video, in which I find mirthful metaphor for the partisan combat between Mr. Powers and myself. I hope the metaphor does not extend to the fate of the bearded combatant.

Mr. Fleming promotes this film as proud poppa: his offspring Bonny (cinematography) and Dylan (bearded dude) joined Kasey Reub (Son of Cancer Man) to film this minor local masterpiece. Beats most of what's on KELO!

I'd check for the logical sequel—Underpants Fight!—but I'm afraid of what Google might throw at me.


  1. It is events like this that convince me we do not need more pants legislation. The video clearly shows how a citizen defended himself by relying on the pants he had on him; there were no pants police in sight to help him. Remember, if pants are outlawed, only outlaws will have pants. Think about it.

  2. Joseph : There is no reason to believe that common sense pants legislation will stop anyone from having the right to use the pants in their possession to defend themselves. A line has to be drawn somewhere, do we really want to live in a society were pants are so readily available? Whats next? kilts? or even lieder-hosen? Get real . should everyone be able carry any article of clothing that they wish?

  3. Barry:
    Consider drawing the line with dark pants, full length. A pair of khakis would seem to be sufficient to satisfy Joseph's need for personal security. Let's find some common ground, people!

  4. Ok, so how about kilts? Or is that a bridge too far? Too Continental? (btw, the kids are delighted about the way you've all picked up on this. Hilarious.)


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