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Friday, July 23, 2010

Potpourri: Local School Lunch, Gluttony, Tea Party Civil War

Too many browser tabs: time to clear the queue!
  1. Cool news from Flying Tomato: the Vermillion School District is looking to add locally grown food to its fall and spring lunch menus. Hooray! Vermillion's food service is run by Lunchtime Solutions, Inc., the same privateers that Madison contracts with for burgers and fries. The company has previously bought local foods in Mission Hill, Sioux City, and Springfield. Maybe they can look into feeding kids some garden surplus right here in Madison.
  2. But don't eat too much: Pastor Shel points to this Ryan Andrews article to remind us that gluttony—not just overeating, but all overconsumption—is a sin.
  3. Sounds like gluttony for power may be breaking up South Dakota's noisiest Tea Party. Gordon Howie handed presidency of the Citizens for Liberty over to septic-tank crusader Barb Lindberg so he could run for governor. Left with nothing better to do after his fourth-place primary finish, Howie noe wants his presidency back. Citizens for Liberty is thus embroiled in a power struggle hilarious for its contradictions and small potatoes. The group demands open government, but then club agitator Shad Olson criticizes Lindberg for speaking to the press. They demand adherence to the Constitution, then conduct board votes unsupported by any published by-laws. Conservative Michael Sanborn gives Citizens for Liberty the what-for they deserve.


  1. Your abilities truly blow my mind, Mr. Heidelberger.

  2. Thanks, Larry! Just imagine what I could do if I had a tea party to run. ;-)

  3. It's a tempest in a teapot.

  4. The schools should also emulate the lead of the 300 leading hospitals and many in the medical profession, of only serving hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat and vegetables.

  5. Vermillion may want to have their suppliers lined up. The federales are raiding local food producers with increased frequency and vigor.



  6. John, those raids are someplace where the local Tea Parties would do well to apply their vigor to protect the rights of citizens from intrusive government. I note that, in the first article, only one farmer reports raids by the federales; state officials are mainly responsible... though I note with alarm the mention of phone conferences with the FDA. Not cool!


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