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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainbow and Lightning: Thunderstorm over Lake Herman

So we come home from a lovely day at the Brookings Summer Arts Festival. Windy, warm, just what we expect at Pioneer Park, and still loads fun—pix coming tomorrow!

But hang on to those art tents, Brookings—we're sending you a storm.

This thunder and lightning passed over Lake Herman just in time to produce a rainbow from the setting sun peeking under the cloud line in the northwest:

As a demonstration of how bad the typical cheap camcorder is, the microphone does not pick up the amazing, constant thunder around us. Fortunately, neither does my four-year-old, who is happily asleep, her cheek still adorned with the nice blue butterfly a girl at the arts festival painted on her cheek this noon.

The temp was in the 80s a couple hours ago when I got home from my bike ride. As the storm passed over, the temp dropped to 67. Right now at 21:21 CDT, it's 61°F on the west side of Lake Herman.

The storm here was relatively gentle: the rain was light, and the wind didn't blow hard enough to move our chairs around on the deck. But that lucky position of the storm line just off the horizon allowed the sun to break out and cast the churning clouds in that fearsome orange and crimson relief that says, "You are small."

Here's a video pan of the storm from WNW to NE over Lake Herman:

Update 2010.07.12: See views of the same storm from Brookings-way from Tramplingrose.

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