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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charlotte Landon Shaw 2.0: Worst Campaign Video Yet

District 13 must be sparse country for Republicans. The GOP has two state house candidates in this south central Sioux Falls neighborhood: Brian C. Liss and Charlotte Landon Shaw. I've given Liss a hard time for misplaced cries of "Socialism!" But Landon Shaw takes the prize for thinnest gruel of a campaign video yet. It's so weak, so ill-prepared, so tellingly bad, I couldn't resist adding some YouTube graffiti:

Uff da. Even Sibby's video is bound to be better than that. He'll at least have a script from Joseph Farah to read.
For those of you who prefer text to video, here's a transcript of Landon Shaw's SDPB statement:

I am not a politician, and I don't want to be a politician when this is all over. I want to remain people, people like you who are afraid of what is going on with our economic situation, in our schools, all over the country but specifically here in South Dakota. I would like to be given the chance to take your voice, the voice of the majority, and the voice of the people, to Pierre, to tell the people in Pierre that we're not afraid of what's been going on any longer and we're not going to stand for it. I believe it's not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog, and I got a lot of fight in me and I'll take that for you to Pierre, and I will represent the thoughts and the desires you have, desires like better budgeting and [pause] better education for our chidren that comes from a new place, a fresh idea, a new opportunity out there for us.

As I've knocked door to door, I've had a lot of people contact me and tell me that they're afraid, that they're uncertain of what could happen and what's going to happen in the future. Well, I'm not afraid and I'm not hopeless. I know that with the people's voice being heard things will change and they'll all be better for the most, for the best of us. So send me to Pierre and let me have the opportunity to take your voice and fight for what's right for South Dakota. Thanks, I appreciate it.

—Charlotte Landon Shaw, "Meet the Candidates" video, SDPB, August 2010.
Update 2010.08.26 14:40 CDT: As of right now, Landon Shaw's original SDPB video has 61 views. My annotated version: 155.


  1. Alright, as someone who communicates verbally for a living, and attempts to help high school kids do so as well, I feel the need to comment here.

    I will begin with sentence number two, where this Republican candidate for the South Dakota Legislature proclaims, “I want to remain people”. Let us just first assume that this candidate backed by the South Dakota Republican Party meant to say “I want to remain a person”. Let us further assume that this great candidate believes that when one becomes a member of the South Dakota Legislature, that person ceases to be a person, and instead becomes some form demon spawn.

    Well this winner of a primary election promises to remain a person, and not just a person, but a person who is afraid. Yes the republican standard-bearer for District 13 will be fearful at all times! She's become afraid after 30+ years of republican rule in Pierre. Now she says the majority of South Dakotans, you know republicans, are ready for their voice to heard. That is why they will send her quivering and cowardly republican voice to Pierre, to tell those other republicans (the ones who have fully endorsed and financed her campaign) they we are not afraid!

    So while she has promised to: A) remain a person.
    B) stay afraid.
    She has also promised to C) proclaim her lack of fear.

    I would go on, but my nose is starting to bleed.

    Matt Groce

  2. ROFL! You slay me, Cory! Laughing too hard to read the word verifuckation.

  3. How embarrassing for her, I cant imagine she would let that stay out there, I am sure that SDPB would let her redo it.My biggest wonder is why she didn't take 10 minutes to write something down at least to get her thoughts together. I thought that I was a bad communicator, Whoa! Her campaign slogan should be " I will be a people that will fight like a dog from a new fresh place for the best of us"!

  4. Charlotte goes into a library, walks up to the desk and says "Okay, I want a cheeseburger, some fries, and a coke."

    The librarian says "Lady, this is a library."

    Charlotte says "OH," looks around, then leans over the desk close to the librarian in a soft whisper "okay, I want a cheese burger... some fries..."


  5. Related topic: MPR is hosting a discussion on South Dakota stealing jobs.

  6. I want someone is isn't afraid to take the Govenors Black Hills treehouse and place it in the Custer State Park rental slots.

  7. Thad, interesting that you and ip would disagree on the cabin issue. Isn't it a security breach to allow the general public access to a property reserved for the State's Chief Executive?

  8. Some bloggers have said the cabin issue is not a political one, and if it is, a small one at that.

    I strongly disagree. It damages state government with this selfish behavior by our highest state elected leader. We pay our Govenor a salary, he can use some of it to rent from a commercial dealer when he vacates in the Hills.

    There is enough government ownership of land that would be better served going back to First Nations or private individuals.

    Funny how this land is so refreshing to Mr. Rounds and the late Mr. Norbeck, but all claims of the same by the Natives is dismissed.

  9. After all, this is the age of Palin.

    But the video serves its purpose: what we see is what we've got.

    And it's what so many people want.

  10. And now for some Iggy
    'I wanna be your dog' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbLRf0j80wU

  11. She makes blond jokes seem tame.

    Incidentally, how did you get the "asides" stuffed into the video?

    I'd like to see a 15-minute conversation of her with Kristi Noem.

  12. Age of Palin—indeed! I think I even caught Landon Shaw winking in the video.

    [Douglas: to add the notes, I had to make a copy of the video, upload it to my own YouTube account, then use YouTube's Edit/Annotations option.]

  13. How many of you have thought to prepare your thoughts before posting them for everyone to see? How many of you took the time to actually contact the candidate personally to ask her to clarify her thoughts? How many of you thought about the fact that she is a human being as well and may have been nervous or going through something very real and difficult that day? How many of you thought about what you could have done with your time to better serve your state, country and community, as she is trying to do? How many of you actually took the time to really think at all before jumping on the nasty remark band-wagon? Please in the future, take the time to put yourself in others' shoes, and maybe just maybe, you might discover that there's more there than meets the eye.

    May God Bless You All,
    Cayleigh Bustillo

  14. Actually, Cayleigh, yes, I can vouch or just about every commenter here that they do think relatively deeply when they post their comments here. Ms. Landon Shaw would have benefited from similar thought before she put her campaign ramble to video for all the world to see. If she's too nervous or too burdened by other tasks to enunciate clear practical policy, she's not well equipped to serve in the Legislature. I'm in her shoes. Trying isn't enough. Performance matters. These aren't just nasty remarks: these are sincere evaluations of a bad public performance.

    If there is more than meets the eye, Landon Shaw and her supporters and you have every chance to lay that out for us. But that's the candidate's job, to campaign effectively and win the confidence of the voters. This video fails in that regard.

  15. Dear Sir,
    I have not contradicted anything that you've said until now because I honestly have not had time to get on youtube or this site since my original statement. I find it quite enlightening that your answer did not actually satisfy any of my questions when you would more than likely be the first to criticize someone for dodging a direct question. My quandaries stand, and I truly would love to hear why your time is better spent demoralizing others rather than helping them. Furthermore, when putting yourself in her shoes, as you've declared you've already done, I will challenge you to think back to times when you maybe weren't so proud of your own performance. Would you appreciate someone exploiting your learning experience? I also urge you to ponder the fact that Ms. Landon Shaw may have other priorites that simply trump a blogger's "sticks and stones". I do know that she is listed in the phone book though and would love to speak directly with anyone w/ concerns. I look forward to your response and hope you have a wonderful week.

    God Bless,
    Cayleigh Bustillo

  16. Oh, I thought I had answered your comment. Well, let's be explicit:

    Cayleigh asked, "How many of you have thought to prepare your thoughts before posting them for everyone to see?"
    --I answered that, vouching for my commenters' thoguhtfulness.

    "How many of you took the time to actually contact the candidate personally to ask her to clarify her thoughts?"
    --I thought this didn't require answering. The commenters and I viewed the candidate's public statement. We assume that a public statement ought to be able to stand on its own as a clear expression of a candidate's thoughts. The criticism here made clear that the candidate's video failed miserably at that task.

    "How many of you thought about the fact that she is a human being as well and may have been nervous or going through something very real and difficult that day?"
    --I suspect every commenter here is aware that the candidate is a human being. As for the candidate's state of mind while making the video, well, we can only work with what we're given. We assume that if the candidate agreed to make and release this video, she felt ready to speak. If you are running for public office, you need to be on your game every time you step out in public. Are we to assume that if we send her to Pierre and she makes a number of bad votes, it's acceptable, just because of some state of mind that is not otherwise apparent? I don't think so.

    "How many of you thought about what you could have done with your time to better serve your state, country and community, as she is trying to do?"
    --I think about that every day. I serve in part by providing this space for public conversation.

    "How many of you actually took the time to really think at all before jumping on the nasty remark band-wagon?"
    --As I said before, I have a lot of thoughtful commenters. I didn't see a band-wagon forming: I saw a number of people watching this video and coming to the same conclusion as I reached: that this video speaks very poorly for the candidate's abilities.

    Now that I have explicitly responded to each original question, how do any of those questions and their answers change the fact that Charlotte Landon Shaw has given a substanceless, unprepared, hardly coherent mishmash of campaign jabber that makes it very clear to voters that she's not ready for prime-time politics?

    I can think of numerous times when I have performed poorly in public and been told so. I wouldn't look at criticism as exploitation of my "learning experience." I'd work hard to perform better next time, and I wouldn't whine about people telling me to do so.

    And I'm not asking Ms. Landon Shaw to "trump a blogger's sticks and stones." I'm asking her to think about what she's saying and develop something other than a really bad karaoke act of undigested political slogans and clichés.

    By the way, Ms. Bustillo, have we met previously? Can you fill us in on your relationship with the candidate?

  17. [or at least enable access to your Blogger profile -- it doesn't open when I hit the "Catherine" link]


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