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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dell Rapids DQ Donor Buys 50,000 Blizzards?

Ice cream scoop of the day: The Madville Times goes rumor-hunting today and hears a secondhand report that a generous and hungry individual donated $150,000 to the Dell Rapids Dairy Queen to buy 50,000 Blizzards on Miracle Treat Day. I check the Dell Rapids DQ Facebook page and find they are reporting 52,528 Blizzards sold. That figure would set the record for one-day charity Blizzard sales, topping even Madison's momentous 21,405 Blizzards sold to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

What is the proper response to the Dell Rapids store's success? Three hearty cheers for the fact that local competition could spur one individual to that spectacular generosity. Good work, neighbors!

Now, let's figure out who the donor is! Commenters, start your investigative engines!


  1. If Dell Rapids actually SOLD that many, they certainly better MAKE that many Blizzards, because Delon Mork donates 100% of the proceeds from his 21,405 Blizzard Coupons, and they're cranking out over 500 Blizzards a day right now as supporters redeem their coupons. 52,500 Blizzards involves a lot of labor, ice cream materials, cups, spoons, lids and time, so to be fair, Dells should distribute all the coupons and fill those 50,000 Blizzard orders. Regardless, it's a tremendous cause whose benefactors received even larger benefits this year!

  2. I'm still giving us the win, because our Blizzard record is the work of an entire community (and one SPECTACULAR community organizer), and not a single anonymous donor. ;)


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