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Friday, August 13, 2010

"Farmers Feed Us": New Big Ag Propaganda

SDFFU logoUS meaning
Monsanto and Big Ag...
Oh look! More corporate propaganda masquerading as friendly family farmers! A friend directs me toward SD Farmers Feed Us, another in the ongoing series of "tell our story!" marketing campaigns waged by the ag-industrial complex. They have a Twitter account, a Facebook page... and (scroll down to the fine print) lots of money from the Center for Food Integrity, a front group created in 2007 by Monsanto, the Farm Bureau, and other food industry heavyweights to "increase consumer trust and confidence in the contemporary U.S. food system."

And the notion that "Farmers Feed Us" isn't wholly accurate: the majority of that corn you see reaching for the sky in the August humidity goes to gas tanks, not your tummy.

But don't let disingenuous corporate mental manipulation stop you from registering to win a year's worth of free groceries... all rich with corn syrup.

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