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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fox News Money to Help Daugaard Win?

Mr. Feser highlights Fox News's one-million-dollar donation to the Republican Governors Association. Follow the money, indeed! And please, don't quibble that Fox remains perfectly "fair and balanced" since the money comes from parent company News Corp. and not Fox itself. This huge donation is Fox News, plain and simple. And we may say with all honesty that Fox News is at best as fair and balanced as the Madville Times (and I've never done more than send Dennis Kucinich $30).

The interesting question for South Dakotans: will some of this Fox News money find its way to Dennis Daugaard's pockets? In 2006, the Republican Governors Association SD PAC handed Daugaard and his boss $100,000 to help win re-election... and that was in a race that wasn't that hard.

The other question: will the donation come as cash, check, or a briefcase full of Glenn Beck's gold?

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