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Monday, August 30, 2010

Kristi Noem Wanted Poster Available, Courtesy SD Dems

That didn't take long:

Kristi Noem wanted poster, from SD DemsYou can view the full Wanted poster for speed demon Congressional candidate Kristi Noem on the South Dakota Democrats' newest website, Kristi Above the Law. The poster includes links to the oodles of bad press Noem has received for her six failures to appear in court and two arrest warrants, not to mention the $2100 in traffic fines she's paid. Print and share your copy today!

Yes, the South Dakota Dems paid for it... and why wouldn't they? When a candidate pitches Dems a softball like this with her irresponsible behavior, Dems would be foolish not to swing.

All joking aside, learn why Noem is empty boots compared to Herseth Sandlin
The GOP is striving mightily to turn the talk from Noem's habitual lawbreaking to accusations that the Dems are just being desperate and negative. Funny: the only desperation I see is the SDGOP's desperation to salvage a floundering candidacy... and Kristi Noem's desperation to get to Wal-mart five minutes quicker.
Final thought for now: If Noem won't show up to court to pay her own measly traffic fines, how can we trust her to put together a plan to pay off the national debt?


  1. That Wanted Poster is HOT. Put Kristi in a western leather fringe jacket sporting a pair of hip shooter revolvers, an Annie Oakley skirt and boots, and not only will the NRA jump in to sponsor her, but her polling numbers will climb even higher. Be careful what you wish for when you slide down that slippery slope of personal attacks. After all, Scott Heidepriem can match her, ticket for ticket, but Scott can't sell the rancher look.

  2. GoldMan, not by my count. The reporter questioned 5 candidates. Kristi had more infractions than all of the other four combined.

  3. GoldMan, here's the list. Then you have to add in the arrest warrants, and the no-pays, etc.

    Bottom line, compared to the other candidates, Kristi is a regular scofflaw.


  4. Disregard for the law, failure to appear in court, and arrest warrants aren't your typical personal attack. To miss that many court dates, Noem has to be either supremely arrogant or supremely irresponsible. Keep dreaming about that fringe jacket and higher poll numbers.

  5. Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones.

  6. You're right, Pat. People who have dodged court appearances six times and been issued two arrest warrants should be careful about criticizing Noem too hard...

    ...but actually, when I think about it, no. Even those lawbreakers (feel free to offer some examples) are entitled to look at Noem's record and say, "Wow -- I wouldn't trust her in Congress any more than I'd trust my own lawbreaking self."

  7. Pat,

    You know as well as I do that if this were Herseth with the tickets and warrants you'd be all over it like ham on rye.

    Fact of the matter is Noem is caught red handed on this deal. She just has to eat her sandwich now.

    I don't think the speeding is that big of a deal. However, you have to admit, the warrants and missed court appearances are.

  8. http://www.noemvhersethsandlin.com/2010/08/herseth-sandlin-its-ok-for-her-chief-of.html

    Like I said. Glass houses.

  9. Cory, know what your problem is? You're just just too damned nice. Kick some GOP heinie!

  10. I've gotten my share of tickets so I can't say anything about the speeding. But every time i was ordered to show up for court because of them you can bet I was there. I may not of had the money to pay them, which did cause some warrants to be issued, but I took care of them when I did have it.

    It wouldn't be such a big deal if it was just a local businessman, or resident. But this is someone that hundreds of people put their trust in to show up and do the right things for them. If she can't follow at least the spirit of the law how can she be trusted to make good laws for us.

    As far as Stephanie's campaign manager getting a DUI. It's her campaign manager, not Stephanie. The link Pat posted said it occurred in Brookings, and possibly on a trip from the Herseth-Sandlin home. Well that can't be true cause all the GOP'rs and TP'rs say that Stephanie lives either in TX or DC.

  11. Congratulations, Kristi! Woo Hoo!!

    ...Tom Amyotte


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