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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LAIC Industrial Park Violates Madison Mowing Ordinance

Nobody mows 'til Dwaine Chapel mows!

Last summer I had fun teasing the city for not following its own six-inch-grass rule. Now that the city has imposed a $200 fine for lazy lawnmowers, we can expect neat, well-trimmed grass everywhere to maintain our city's image, right?

Not in the industrial park owned by the Lake Area Improvement Corporation. An eager reader says he found excessively altitudinous verdure near the gateway to our fair city. The Madville Times mobile unit sprang into action to confirm this stunning news. Sure enough:
high grass along Madison bike trailI brought my Mayor Hexom ruler and found this grass in LAIC land south of the bike trail clearly violating the six-inch rule.

high weeds along bike trailLikewise these wild miscreant sunflowers, dwarfing my modest ruler near a bike trail intersection.
mowing along bike path, Madison, SDIf Mayor Hexom comes a-measuring your grass, try this: mow just a swath or two along each side of your sidewalk, and tell the mayor, "See? Good enough for the bike trail, good enough for my yard, right?"
high weeds in industrial park, Madison, SDBut hey, why should we complain about these tall weeds in the industrial park? The LAIC needs those sunflowers: they serve as natural, compostable bike racks for all the cyclists who come to survey the property for their economic development plans. Brilliant!

Now I didn't catch an exception in new mowing ordinance for commercial property. So let's see how long it takes for LAIC to call Madison Arborcare and chop those weeds... or for Chief Pulford to issue the LAIC a ticket.

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