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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lost and Found: License Plate SD 1YH883

Cory's recumbent, with found license plateDon't play chicken with a blogger on a recumbent. ;-)
Someone in Minnehaha County is looking at his bare bumper and saying, "I thought I wired that sucker on there tight!"

The Madville Times goes on bike patrol in central Lake County, sweats off five pounds before the thunderstorm comes, and finds a bonus treasure on Highway 34, just west of Pizza Ranch: one expired South Dakota license plate! SD 1YH 883, expiration date November 2009, newly liberated thanks to some rusty 12gauge wire that just wasn't up to the job.

If this plate is near and dear to your heart, give me a shout. I might have an envelope big enough to return your treasure.

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