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Friday, August 6, 2010

Madison Lives on Pork: Another $190K for LAIC

Local Glenn Beck-sters, arise! Madison is suckling again at the teat of big government socialism! Madison's Republicans-In-Name-Only (that's the proper term, right?) are celebrating yet another $190,000 federal earmark to build improvements to support private business. Democratic Senator Tim Johnson announced the Lake Area Improvement Corporation will receive a $190K grant—free money, a handout, a boost to the federal deficit, money our grandkids will have to pay off—to pay for one new street and one street extension we built last year in the industrial park on the southeast edge of town. If I'm reading the news correctly, this earmark duplicates an earmark President Obama sent Madison last year for industrial park infrastructure.

Somehow, I get the feeling the only Madison conservative I can count on to say Madison should reject this blatant dependence on liberal Washington pork is Jason Bjorklund.

1 comment:

  1. It's probably the same earmark, just an second shot of PR for its sponsor. If not, it is $190,000 in new money to help with industrial growth here in Madison. I'd rather see the money spent on OUR industrial future than tearing out perfectly good fencing along I-29, replacing it under shovel-ready Stimulus Projects Funding. That $190,000 will be a drop in the bucket compared to what will happen to our incomes if the current tax cuts expire in December.


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