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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Man Rolls Truck on Highway 34, Walks Away with Scratches

truck wrekc on Highway 34 Aug 24 2010Paramedics arrive at scene of vehicle rollover at
Highway 34–Territorial Road intersection,
Lake County, SD, 2010.08.24 ~10:30 CDT

Whew—that was close! As we Heidelbergers headed to town this morning, we saw a tan car in the turning lane on Highway 34, west of Prairie Village, that leads to Territorial Road and the country club. The car appeared ready to turn south, off the highway, but then appeared to move back into the westbound driving lane.

Behind that car, an orange and white pickup truck was westbound. Good thing he wasn't on his cell phone. The driver saw the car coming back into the main lane, slammed on the brakes and swerved north. Brakes and tires smoked, leaving tracks on the pavement. The truck missed the car. It hit the north curb several meters down from the Moonlite Inn's west entrance, went in the ditch, caught the dirt, and flipped and rolled sideways.

The cab got crunched a little. Windshield and back window popped out. The fabric cover on the bed tore off and tools and such spilled out of the back. The driver of the truck, the only man inside, opened the door and walked away with scratches. (Your assessments of classic Chevy engineering are welcome.)

truck rollover on Hwy 34 August 24 2010Lake County law enforcement and paramedics tend to
rollover victim (seated in police cruiser). Driver of other
vehicle and grandson (right) wait to speak to officer.

This accident happened on the big highway curve right by Prairie Village. The highway will busy this weekend with everyone coming for the steam threshing jamboree. Come to Madison, have loads of fun, spend loads of money, but please, watch where the heck you're driving!
Update 2010.08.25: MDL publishes the names of those involved: Dean McCool was driving the truck; Judy Conrad was driving the car in front. MDL omits the key detail that Conrad's car was straddling the turning lane and the driving lane.

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