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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Noem Court-Dodging Provokes Awkward Silence from "Values" Crowd

I think Pastor Boese is harder on the hypocrisy of Kristi Noem and her "values" supporters than I am:

If this were Rep. Herseth all the “Patriot-Ayatollah Pastor-Priests of the Civil Religion” would be heating the tar and plucking the chickens…preaching sermons about the slippery slope of running stop signs=a form of abortion. However the shoe is on the other foot: it is Noem is running those stop signs, skipping court, etc. Oh I am sure the Ayatollah-wanna-bes will say it was to go save a life of someone (or get to her hair appt on time). They are silent…This is WHY I AM AN ANABAPTIST! [Shel Boese, "Just Sayin' (Remember This Is Not Official Church Statement Source)," News, Thoughts, Theology, Teaching..., 2010.08.27]

I've heard a lot of "Oh, everyone speeds, it's no big deal" from Noem apologists. Funny: do Christians tell their pastors, "Everyone sins, even you, so quit preaching about it"?

I have yet to hear a good rationalization for Noem's skipping court and getting arrest warrants. The comment section is open....
Update 15:07 CDT: Pastor Shel catches heck... and sticks by his guns!

1 comment:

  1. Michael Black8/29/2010 7:20 AM

    If my son was stopped doing 94 on the Interstate, he would not be driving until he was 18.


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