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Monday, August 23, 2010

SHS Frets over Biz "Stigma" from EPA Coal Ash Regs

To my friends flogging the Herseth Sandlin = California liberal meme, please explain this one: not only does South Dakota's Congresswoman buck good sense and back Monsanto's small-farm-destroying alfalfa, but she also gets on board with House arch-conservatives Michele Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Joe Barton, and others to oppose the EPA's effort to regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste. (A PDF of the July 29 letter SHS signed is here.)

The Sierra Club says that around the 2000-some coal ash sites around the country, you can find heavy metals seeping from the coal ash into water supplies, putting people (not spotted owls or snails, but people) at risk of cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, and other maladies. Hmm... sounds pretty hazardous to me.

But SHS and Michele Bachmann and friends are worried that EPA regulation could cause "stigma and related liability concerns" on companies that want to make money from coal ash.

You know, actually, if someone's trying to sell me toxic waste, I'd like them to have a little stigma. If their toxic waste causes cancer, they ought to have a little liability.

If you think Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin is wrong on coal ash, perhaps you'd like to contact the EPA: they're taking comments right now on the issue.

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  1. Coal ash contains heavy metals that are known to cause cancer. There have been serious problems with drinking water contaminated by coal ash in some areas, not to mention the disastrous coal ash spill in Tennessee in 2008.

    Here is a report my organization released earlier this year. The focus is Iowa, but the general information about the hazards of coal ash applies everywhere.

    Kelly Fuller
    Communications Director
    Plains Justice


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