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Monday, August 16, 2010

Supporters Twist Noem's Rubbery Record

Noem supporters appear to indulge in their own brand of Taqiyya: it's o.k. to deceive to get Kristi elected. Noem supporters will lay baseless claims about Noem's opponent living in Texas. Now to avoid questions about hypocrisy on sexier issues, a letter-writer to that Sioux Falls paper fabricates Noem's voting record.

The topic: Senate Bill 134 from the 2009 Legislative session. This bill would have required health insurance policies sold in South Dakota to cover contraceptive drugs and devices, which some of us lefties dug but which some conservatives now boosting Noem found odious. Kristi Noem co-sponsored SB 134. Sponsoring a bill, putting your name at the top, means you support it.

Yet Noem supporter Lloyd W. Ringrose spins this revisionism for his gal Kristi:

It is my understanding that after SB134 was written, it was different than its original intent, and, in fact, Rep. Noem voted against the bill when it came to the floor of the South Dakota House of Representatives [Lloyd W. Ringrose, "Letter: Noem's Record on Abortion," that Sioux Falls paper, 2010.08.09].

Noem never voted against SB 134. It never reached the State House. The State Senate killed it (though it took them three committee votes and a full Senate vote to strike the rubbery rascal down). And it's wording was never changed. The record shows no amendments, only the original printed version that Noem sponsored. The only verifiable item on the record is Noem's sponsorship of SB 134, indicating her support for mandating insurance coverage of contraception.

Boy, I wonder if the Susan B. Anthony List included SB 134 in its endrosement of Noem as an authentic feminist.

You know, Noem supporters, if you have to make stuff up to support your candidate, you're working too hard. Maybe you should just switch to B. Thomas Marking. At least he doesn't have a record of legislation and ill-considered statements to defend.
Update 12:33 CDT—Bonus fact check: Roger and Betty Prunty respond to the pro-Noem propaganda accusing SHS of living in Texas. The Pruntys appear qualified to comment on where the Congresswoman lives: they live next door to the Herseth Sandlin household in Brookings.


  1. Prunty's are directly across the street from the Congresswoman, not next door

  2. Thanks for the correction, Kleins! Neighbors nonetheless, right?

  3. absolutely - just wanted to assist your precision.


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