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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Campaign Ad Watch: Dusty Johnson Keeps It Simple

Pastor Steve Hickey's right: Public Utilities Commissioner Dusty Johnson's elevator pitch is a heck of an ad:

No cheesy music, no schmaltzy imagery of Commissioner Johnson gazing at majestic buffalo or picking wildflowers with his kids along the Keystone pipeline route. Just the man himself, a little humor, and his cut-to-the-chase argument for why he thinks we should hire him again.

And in the Web bonus of the week, we all will be freeze-framing the opening second trying to identify the woman exiting the elevator and the exact expression the producers directed her to make over Dusty's laying that sticker on her bosom.

My PUC vote remains undecided, but I will definitely keep this ad in my folder for the next time I teach job interviews in speech class. Now I want to see the follow-up ad where Dusty delivers this pitch while taking the stairs.


  1. Can you say "solipsist?"

    I, I, I...the PUC exists as The Peoples' consumer protection watchdog. Mr. Johnson distracts voters from BHK-owned leviathans spewing heavy-metal oxides over South Dakota and utility company bail-outs every year after ice storms.

    If he was really interested in South Dakotas future he would be helping people to get off the grid, sic Marty Jackley on coal-fired plants, and consider leaving South Dakota in the winter.

  2. Vinny Gormley9/22/2010 5:17 PM

    My PUC vote will be blank. Not just because as a delegate to the convention from Minnehaha County I voted for John Zaiko. But because after in the bar waiting for the banquet ( another subject). Doyle Karpen proclaimed his love for coal and nuclear, and his belief that there just isn't enough wind in S.D. No better than the dustbin.

  3. Vinny, did we meet at convention? We voted similarly.

  4. Very effective campaign ad...
    Whether I support him or not is another issue. Noem should take notes from this ad... I break down her most recent ad here: http://barbarictimes.blogspot.com/2010/09/kristi-doesnt-plan-on-polling-or.html
    (don't mean to spam)


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