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Monday, September 6, 2010

City Offers Lake County Int'l Sewer Agreement

Looks like Lake County International will get a pot to poop in after all. The implement dealer on the west edge of Madison contacted the city last spring about hooking into the municipal sewer system in conjunction with the business's big expansion project. Owner Jeff Bloom filed a written request a couple weeks ago. The city commission's initial response to the prospect of a new industrial customer pumping money into the city's sewer system seemed surprisingly lukewarm.

But apparently the city sees the benefits of connecting another big customer who, unlike its competitor across town, is willing to foot its own bills for infrastructure. Included in tomorrow night's commission agenda (pp. 18–21) is an agreement between the city and Lake County International to hook 'em up.

Meditation for the day: Poop is money. Money is poop.


  1. Mr. H!
    I was so glad to see this post.
    At Penn all of the freshmen read a book that is thought provoking and relevant to society and this year it was called The Big Necessity; the Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why it Matters. It was an excellent book; it was all about poop and how cultures dispose of it. The sewer systems in America are abysmal and not many Americans care. It is good to know that South Dakota is doing its part.

    ~Stacy Burkhalter

  2. Sounds like an instructive read! Since joining the Lake Herman Sanitary District board, I've been surprised at how interesting waste disposal can be.


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