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Friday, September 3, 2010

Funniest Bike Part I've Bought

After ten years of serious bum friction, I decide it's time to buy a new bike seat. I order another split seat, designed to preserve proper sensation and function in the old kibble and bits (the old split saddle did a fine job of keeping my parts... sensational). Planet Bike calls their seat the "Anatomical Relief Saddle." Cool. Fine.

Then I catch the abbreviation. This is what I now sit on while pedaling:
Cory's new bike saddle

Clever devils.


  1. I hope you enjoy sitting on your ARS. Looks more comfy than mine.

  2. I'm thinking you should stop with the friction and get yourself a motorcycle.

  3. I'll never stop with the personal friction, John, but I wouldn't mind a motorbike for some other trips.


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